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As you explore Xenos, discover new settings, games and activities that will push your creativity, critical thinking and language skills.

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Empty Handed

Fancy yourself as a card shark? Take turns matching word cards along one or multiple dimensions in this fast-paced challenge. The goal is to end up empty handed!

Mail Drop

Checking your e-mail can be a nightmare, especially when you accidentally get someone else's messages. Identify and save the e-mails meant for you.

Tale Spin

"His eyes widened in fear when he realized who was waiting behind the door..." In this collaborative storytelling game, you and your friends are the authors of a tale that emerges line by line. Each player writes a sentence that's accurate and exciting. The group then votes on the line to use next. Publish your best tales on your profile for all to see!

Choose Your Own Learning Path

Xenos' robust and standards-aligned learning system supports players across multiple levels, from beginners to intermediate and advanced English language learners.

Games and activities are mapped to task-based and explicit language learning frameworks created by our instructional designers, offering an open-ended yet leveled learning experience that's a self-directed alternative to traditional coursework.

While players are free to explore the game world at their own pace, those who desire a more structured experience can follow a specific learning path. Learning paths direct players to play specific games, complete prescribed activities and explore leveled thematic words and phrases tailored to individual language learning goals.

As players complete elements of their learning path, they receive rewards and items to use in Xenos!

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