What is ISLE?

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A Technical Framework for Language-Learning

The ISLE Platform is the information and resource repository that supplies content, collects data, and provides functionality to bring various users together.

It is the heart and soul of Xenos, the first consumer-facing experience with games and activities that leverages a technical framework and cluster of databases that connect all games and activities with language-learning skills, learning goals, and objects, alongside user information and performance monitoring.

Much like spokes on a wheel, each of these functional resources, data repositories and content repositories shoot off from the central hub known as the ISLE platform.

Database Overview

The User Database, which retains and protects the information associated with a particular user, such as username, password, email address, game points, and avatar information.

The Global Learning Object (GLO) Database, which represents the collection of words and short phrases that each user’s progress will be measured against. Columns in this database will be the word (or short phrase), the IDs of its homophones and synonyms, and whether or not it falls into each of the seven “levels” of language learning. The GLO will be comprised of English words, and each additional language database will be tied to its English equivalent.

The Performance Database, which represents the core of the ISLE Platform’s ability to measure a student’s progress and proficiency. It is, in essence, an ever-growing ledger of which learning objects a user has been exposed to and has utilized, along with the ways in which each has occurred. This information is supplied by individual activities upon their completion. The information in this database is what is analyzed in order to provide analytic data on how well a user is learning and progressing.

And finally, the Activity Database, which represents a simple list of the various activities that are available through the ISLE Platform. “Activities” are stand-alone, self- contained Flash files that tap the resources of the ISLE Platform to facilitate a learning experience. Activities can be anything from an episode of a comic book to a complex, interactive Flash game. The potential range and breadth of various activities that will ultimately be incorporated into the ISLE experience is limited only by the imaginations of the developer community.