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Soon to launch in beta, Xenos invites Spanish-speaking English language learners in high school, college and beyond to become part of our early community. Come along the adventure by signing up.

Design and Development Team

The Learning Games Network is a non-profit spin off of the MIT Education Arcade established to bridge the gap between research and practice in game-based learning. LGN aims to realize the potential of powerful new digital media for education by applying the best research in the learning sciences, creative design and technology to new products, projects and services.

With generous support from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, our team has been developing Xenos to support a diverse community of players through a new paradigm for language learners. In its first incarnation, Xenos supports Spanish-speaking English language learners. Over time, Xenos will support learning across a wide variety of languages. Our technical development partners at Filament Games are helping us to achieve this vision.

Become A Partner

As a "network," we aim to identify and facilitate connections among individuals, organizations, companies, and schools looking for opportunities to create exciting, new and effective games for learning. Whether you represent an educational publisher looking to create innovative language learning games, a company exploring unique educational program sponsorships in the arts and humanities, or a game developer wanting to open a new market segment for your team, we want to learn more about your goals and discuss what we may be able to do together.

Designers and Developers

Much of Xenos remains a mystery - giants swaths of uncharted territory wait to be developed. As an open educational resource (OER), Xenos and its underlying Integrated Social Learning Environment (ISLE) platform enable game designers to contribute to the development of the experience. They'll experiment with new game designs and activities, which they can integrate into this emerging learning environment. Join our early developer community. Help us grow and terra-form a premier learning playground!


Our game design is informed by research across a variety of disciplines, including creative design, learning sciences and information technologies. Xenos provides a trove of research opportunities. Whether you are a virtual ethnographer studying online identity and play or a learning scientist exploring assessment in games, Xenos may be a great place to conduct your research. Let us know if you have a research question you'd like to pursue in our world.