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A great island rises from the sea, far from any continent. Ocean winds have brought ships, boats, and rafts past its sandy shores for thousands of years. Many have stopped to visit. Some have stayed.

Welcome to Xenos

Become the hero of your own English language-learning adventure. Dive into the cross-currents of ideas, cultures, communities and languages.

You will meet the citizens and fellow visitors of Xenos on the pier, in the marketplace, in town squares, at the university -- everywhere! Explore new lands, play games, tackle quests, and collect rewards as you learn English and help others learn the languages that you know.

And who knows? Along the way, you may even begin to unearth the mysterious secrets of Xenos...

The only strangers here are the friends you've yet to make. The only borders are the limits of imagination.

Jump Into a World of Language

Xenos is a virtual world where you play games and participate in activities that support English language learning.

The expansive learning space immerses you in new contexts across a variety of colorful and engaging zones populated by other English language learners, coaches, mentors and teachers.

You will learn to listen, read, speak and write in English, while playing games and creating digital photos, video and music. Design and dress your unique avatar. Introduce yourself to other players at the port. Bargain at the market until the price is right. Show your newest painting at the island's art center.

Join the Xenos community and explore a new way to learn!

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